TRIANGLO Lounge Bar Featured on Archello

Our project TRIANGLO Lounge Bar has been featured on Archello.

The challenge of this project, in addition to the many pillars in the bar, which I eliminate through interior design, was also to create a space that fits harmoniously with several components.

Works of art, colors and plants, are these three components that complement each other and harmoniously become one.

 The chosen ceramic tile, called Araldica, handmade and designed by Italian designer Federico Pepe, gave the space another experience and feeling. The captivating effect of this tile, which has a perfect play of duality with a natural look and minimalist lines for its geometric compositions. It was the perfect choice to enhance the distinctive character of the interior design.

The space is enriched with the artistic works of our local artist Jakup Ferri, which is another element that contributes to make the space more friendly and lively, as well as more attractive to the customers of this restaurant.

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