Villa III

  • Investor: Private

  • Destination: Interior Design

  • Floors: S+P+1

  • Surface: 250 m²

  • Location: Brezovice, Kosova

  • Date: 28/10/2020

“Study nature, love natyre , stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” – Frank Lloyd Whright. This is the inspirational motto for us to start to write something about this project.

The idea of exterior nature to be expressed in the interior derives from the use of recyclable materials such as wood in the use of mountain houses. It is not only the exterior of the building that should follow the contour of nature, it is also the interior that should adapt to nature.

The building is divided into three floors where each is usable for special purposes.

Starting from the subterranean where it is used for relaxation, where the spa area, jacuzzi, and the part for games and daily stay are divided. Then the ground floor which includes the dining area, kitchen and living room together with the heating area covered with ceramic tiles , and open visors from experiencing nature. And finally we have the first floor where the sleeping areas are divided, Rooms one, two and three. Each is divided into special colors such as: black, green, and orange, which give a beautiful experience, mixed with natural materials that are used inside.

Since the daily stay has many openings where the visors appear towards the external nature, it makes the environment more comfortable and more interesting to be experienced from the space where we are staying.

The adaptation of the materials can be seen with the use of wood with ceramic tiles, leather, calm colors that give a positive feeling for a beautiful life.

Undoubtedly, elegance is not lacking in this environment, where we can see it in the entire interior, for example the bedrooms where each has its specifics through the use of colors and minimalist materials to create an attractive environment.

The relationship between nature and material is always essential to create a warm environment