Villa Elitare

  • Investor: Private

  • Destination: Villa

  • Floors: P+2

  • Location: Gjiri i Lalezit, Albania

  • Date: 05/08/2022

This is the sort of villa that is welcome, informal, yet prompting and outward-looking; created from the inside out. Built using local materials with simple techniques by local hands. You can feel the same location even if you are by the sea or inside the villa.

 Without modifying the structure of the original three-story building, the team converted it into a new experience. Constructing an interior environment with meadows, resting places, and a water mirror that reflects the sky and the unique tree in its proximity. The inside of the BG villa forms a link with the site, and by following it, we formed the interior in the same way that nature would.

On the ground floor, the house provides a flexible working space, kitchen, recreation area, living room and the bar. On the first floor are the main living spaces , bedrooms.  The second floor includes a chill space where you have a terrace, jacuzzi and fireplace. The overall effect of the entire villa is  a like a stones at the beach that gradually blend into the landscape. There you can find peace, purity and warmness.