The Red Goat

  • Destination: Residential

  • Floors: B+P+1

  • Surface: 388 m2

  • Location: Prishtina, Kosovo

  • Date: 02/06/2022

The human-object relationship is the goal of the experience that is created in this house, emotions, surprise, curiosity and happiness are all…

The house takes the shape of a right-angled triangle from the context of the surroundings, the shape of the plot, the relationship with the environment, the extension in relation to the terrain and the relationship with the view of the sun.

These also become the main factors of project development.
The triangular shape of the house with the short sides without openings and the diagonal rib which extends lengthwise wants to get the maximum light from east to west and makes each living space have the same view. Such a form aims to challenge the creation of clean rectangular spaces within the triangle, which creates an artistic mathematics and geometry, typical of an architect’s house.

The point is born in the north, one of the sides of the triangle a clean precast concrete wall with pink shade 🙂 Which has a single opening in it, inviting you in…which starts to show an atrium where inside it grows a decorative tree that receives light from a high hole and shows that there is life there. This space that creates curiosity, amazes and shortens the way through the stairs to reach the main entrance door.
At that moment when the door from the entrance is opened (also this metal pink) you find yourself in the entrance which is raised to a different level from the daily stay. The main part of the house is where we all meet.

– Day Stay-a whole space covered with sliding windows and creating opportunities for connection from inside to outside. As we went down from the entrance, I can go up to the kitchen, both of these spaces are treated with natural stone floors, unlike the living room with wooden parquet.
In the central position of the whole area of the ground floor is placed a memory of the traditional dress of the inherited housewife that symbolizes coexistence and love for the family.

The kitchen and tables raised on the dislevel from the daily stand coexist as separate as well as integral parts of the whole. The kitchen designed as separate modules and combinations of bold materials and colors, red, blue, black and stainless steel express the desire for experimentation both in the interior and in the gastronomy of the family. The table made of solid wood inherited from the past to which a piece of laminated wood has been added “sper” and colored all in red tends to make the connection with the past and the present expressing the growth of the family.

The sculptural circular staircase in the middle of the space illuminated by the zenith dome creates a vertical connection to the basement that serves as technical alcoves and a dedicated space for spa, fitness and games. It also goes through them to connect to the upper floor, leading to a corridor with the bedrooms, utility and a connection that connects directly to the main entrance.

The interior is all treated with leather details that symbolize the family tradition, a legacy from the Saraq family (master horse dressers), with only one type of wood used, industrial laminated wood
“shper” which is colored depending from space. Children’s rooms with selected corresponding colors, from which they can be distinguished in the details of the door handles and the handles of the cupboards made of leather.

To close with the treatment of the spaces with works of art as a mini family collection, in the living room there are works by Ibrahim Kodre, Nysret Salihamixhiqi and Rexhep Ferri and in the kitchen we meet the special Adem Kastrati and Pashk Prevathi who are among the pioneers of contemporary Albanian painting. , and continuing upstairs in the corridor with Eshref Qahili, Arian Berisha, Fitore Berisha and Shkamb Jaka, and through the rooms Jakup Ferri, Ferid Morina and Jeton Gusia, Rron Qena… all of these interwoven with the architecture and interior of the house.

And above all the swimming pool which is treated with 1x1cm mosaic as a whole work of art by Jakup Ferri with his imagination for his goats and their life and happiness accompanied by other underwater creatures and special plants… from which the house is named The Red Goat.

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