Qëndresa Home Neighborhood part of BauHolding

  • Investor: Bau Holding

  • Destination: Neighborhood

  • Surface: 150053.20 m2

  • Location: Pristina, Kosova

  • Date: 20/11/2020

The process of developing the conceptual design of the Oaza Neighborhood has evolved from an open competition, where other architectural offices have also participated in this competition,to give different ideas about the development of the plot.

After the ideas of each office were presented, the winner was our office Maden Group, which was quite challenging but also a privilege at the same time to offer new and attractive choices for the new residents of this neighborhood.

The neighborhood has been worked on two levels, because the neighborhood 1.0 that we have presented has undergone changes due to the request of the investor.

Neighborhood 1.0 has been treated with the unification design of our office, as our identity is color. We framed the colors with the use of natural materials, giving sensation and direction to the presentation because the human eye must be treated with different colors to influence in the human psychology.

While Neighborhood 2.0 where we co-authored with Bau Holding, treated with the use of white facade color and natural materials such as stone, to express the architecture traditional Albanian, visors open to the environment to penetrate the lighting into the interior space.

An interesting part of the working journey in this neighborhood has been the analysis around the history of the surrounding environment and existing buildings always adapting to nature for new ones. After all everything that is built there must be “sustainability” which expresses the link between the environment and construction and the use of recyclable materials. We have treated transport access as well as the function for entering and exiting the neighborhood. Always not missing the analysis about the orientation of the sun, winds and noise treatment due to traffic where as a neighborhood should be treated in the best possible way to provide adequate choices for new residents.

Then not forgetting the green space which divided the two areas of the plot to join where otherwise we have defined it with “sewing” or “connection”and then the divisions of roads for transport to have access to the neighborhood space, the treatment of sidewalks, the common area, green spaces, bike path, sports developments and parking spaces. This neighborhood, in addition to housing, also contains administrations, kindergartens, common centers and recreation as it should be treated as a city in itself to offer the services that the city offers to the citizens.

The treatment of greenery in the neighborhood is done through various colors where each expresses a special identity and gives life to the environment.

Everything can be treated in the best way to offer residents a quality life.