• Investor: Pizza CRUST

  • Destination: Eat and Drink

  • Surface: 293.4 m²

  • Location: Ferizaj, Kosova

  • Date: 06/01/2021

In every project we design we try to think as a potential client. At first we want to understand what they want, how they think and how they act. We try to understand what they enjoy mostly. We approach each of our project with the intention of having fun.

This project turned out to be very cozy and neat. Pizza Crust is located in Ferizaj, Kosova. The design of the project had in mind the basic psychology of contemporary pizza consumers. Treating the activity of eating pizza as an experience that is almost always shared with family or a group of friends, the pace was designed to be warm and inviting.
The warmness was emphasized by the play of colors and materials in this project. Bricks on the back, exposed and stacked in an unconventional way, are a main attraction of the designed space. They were chosen as an inspiration from the pizza oven that is also visually open to the users. A lively harmony was fulfilled by using other earthy colors in the space such as light brown from the wood material, beige on the floor and green from the numerous plants that the interior has.
As eating pizza with good company warms one’s heart, the interior of Pizza Crust makes you feel the same way.