• Destination: Residential and Office

  • Surface: 6669.3m2

  • Location: Prishtina, Kosovo

Incorporating the essence of sustainability, cleanliness, and modern design.

The primary objective was to maximize transparency and versatility to cater to both business and residential needs. Our design focuses on a seamless fusion of form and function.

The clean facade of Multifunzionale is a hallmark of this project, achieved through the use of compact and durable materials, lending the structure a unique character. The thoughtful composition of these materials establishes a harmonious connection with its surroundings, fostering an immersive experience.

Large, well-proportioned openings flood the residential spaces with natural light, emphasizing simplicity. Clean lines bestow an elegant allure, while volume interventions infuse dynamism and create a captivating, contemporary aesthetic. The balance of these elements gives Multifunzionale a cohesive, whole appearance, with pronounced verticality that seems to stretch into infinity.

Multifunzionale  features meticulously organized internal alcoves, enhancing functionality. The use of travertine slabs and modular aluminum mesh on the facade adds an extra layer of sophistication. This Building serves as a beacon of pure, contemporary architecture, embodying a perfect blend of beauty and purpose.

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