• Investor: Mama Mantia

  • Destination: Bakery

  • Surface: 135 m2

  • Location: Prishtine

  • Date: 01/12/2023

Architecture and the gusto of tradition

The transformation of the exterior and interior design brings a welcoming experience and promotes traditional cuisine in a contemporary environment.

The functional aspect of the interior design is the result of the existing rectangular shape, which supports the longitudinal exposure of traditional pastries, offering an immersive experience in the taste of the Albanian cuisine. Interior spaces designed with earth tones and materials beautifully showcase the mastery of traditional culinary art, which give even more meaning and originality to the whole. The authentic essence permeates both interior and exterior spaces through the versatile application of biophilic design, enriching the overall approach to traditional methods.

The glass box, integrated into the existing structure, ensures that it take advantage of the additional surface in the interior space while not obstructing visually from the outside. This brings an intimate connection with the flow of life outside “George Bush” Square, while allowing natural light to illuminate the interior spaces. The entrance is highlighted with a solid metal material which creates the contrast with the glass whole, which enables a sequence of continued experiences beyond the threshold.

This project aspires not merely to build but to resonate—a harmonious connection with tradition that reverberates through every corner. It stands not just as a project but as a testament, a vessel to disseminate the timeless values of traditional cuisine in the tapestry of today’s ever-evolving world.

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