M Sora

  • Investor: M Sora Prishtina

  • Destination: Showroom

  • Floors: P

  • Surface: 238.47 m2

  • Location: Parku I Biznesit, Drenas

  • Date: 17/11/2023

Welcome to M Sora, where the strength of iron and the sleekness of stainless steel come together in a place of industrial elegance. The design is carefully thought out to showcase the diverse range of products in a way that is both appealing and easy to navigate.

As you step inside, you’ll notice walls adorned with stainless steel pipes, not just for structural purposes but also as a stylish backdrop. These pipes create a visually striking environment, allowing the products to stand out and catch your eye. The play of light on metal adds an extra touch of allure, making your visit a visually engaging experience.

But it’s not just about what you see. We’ve designed the space to be comfortable and welcoming. The warmth you feel comes from the wood materials M Sora specialize in, creating an inviting atmosphere that goes beyond a typical showroom. As you explore, you’ll find vibrant orange chairs adding a pop of color, creating a lively contrast and making your visit enjoyable.

In essence, M Sora’s interior is more than just a place to display products; it’s a harmonious blend of materials and design.   

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