Lagjja e Artë 2

  • Investor: Art Construction

  • Destination: Neighborhod

  • Location: Prishtina, Kosovo

  • Date: 16/05/2022

Lagjja e Artë 2 began with the intention of developing a residential community that would not adhere to the established criteria of neighborhood building in post-war Kosovo, while yet providing excellent spaces and contemporary architecture.

Homes are classified into numerous kinds and subtypes based on their size and level of comfort, with type A being the most comfortable and type E being the least pleasant, providing a wide range of options. All houses are built with vertical vertical connectivity, which divides the contents into two groups: accomodation / sleeping and economic. A planimetric solution of this type allowed for appropriate alignment and connectivity of the alcoves.

In terms of layout, the houses are treated as a whole, thus forming a dynamic silhouette but also symmetrical and contextual at the same time. The roofs are treated as sloping, one and two water roofs depending on the architectural effect that is intended to be achieved, thus adapting as well as possible to the local climate. A characteristic element of the local culture is the application of stone on the ground floor, as a new version of traditional houses but with a contemporary look. While the ground floor offers stability, the first floor treated in white easily rests on it creating a minimal contemporary façade.

The openings are applied in various forms and sizes, giving each home its own unique characteristic that separates it from the rest, while having the same volume. Color, as a powerful expressive element, has been used in this project to emphasize the entrances of each house, together with the characteristic vertical wall of the entry, producing individualities for each property.