Kulla Rozë

  • Investor: Driloni Com

  • Destination: Residential

  • Floors: 3B+S+P+17

  • Location: Prishtinë, Kosova

  • Date: 14/04/2022

Improving the quality of life and creating a unique building have been guidelines for us during the design. Our concept is based on the principle of creating functional living spaces, which also gain value through clean and contemporary volumetric shaping.
The building is characterized by horizontality – windows and “loggias” and verticality – volumes.
Through large horizontal openings in the building, except for the maximum lighting, residents can also experience the beautiful views of the city of Prishtina.
An integral part of the loggia is the fence detail with greenery vases on each floor, which in addition to the horizontality it offers to the building, allows each family to have their own garden on the balcony and experience the space in a different way, being surrounded by the nature and greenery.
Emphasis of the verticality of the building is achieved through high volumes, and to make them more attractive we made a slight twist on the upper volume, giving the building a suitable orientation, dynamism and a unique appearance.
Volumes are “detached” by a whole floor, which is dedicated as a common space for the residents. This area is made more special by the color and greenery which enriches the building with a relaxing environment.
By the shape and materials, the tower as a whole offers a strong and pure image. The materials used are firm with simple shapes and easily applied.
Located in Lagja e Muhaxherëve – Prishtina, “Kulla Rozë” on one hand fits in with the surroundings and on the other hand stands out with its genuine design. In addition to becoming one of Prishtina’s most unique buildings, “Kulla Rozë” also serves as a social hub in the neighborhood with its shared spaces and utilities for its residents.