Innovation Centre Kosovo – ICK

  • Investor: Innovation Centre Kosovo - ICK

  • Destination: Office

  • Surface: 346m²

  • Location: Prishtina, Kosova

  • Date: 03/05/2019

The design reflects an innovative intervention that meets the requirements and challenges. The concept is based on the need to give color and life to a space dedicated to young people. The decorative elements, especially
those on the ceiling, are challenged through color. The concept finds inspiration in the art of Yll Xhaferi, a young artist from Kosovo. His paintingsshow a variety of colors in a canvas with large dimensions, so the ceiling in the project is trated as a canvas on wich a color composition is painted, inspired by Yll’ palette. The color is also transmitted through the walls, pouring over their decorative elements. Through this concept diferent architectural styles and periods of intervention
are overlaid.