Green Coast Lighting Design

  • Location: Dhermi, Albania

  • Date: 24/05/2024

Collaborators: Memo Lighting

In the embryonic phase of this project, we engaged ourselves in the artistry of design, strongly pursuing a creation that would incorporate an artwork of tranquility and serenity into its very essence. We carefully picked and arranged a wide range of lighting components, making sure that each one blended in well with the natural surroundings.

The part of the lighting design was inspired by beauty of nature, and we made the impossible to give it an organic feel so that it would fit right. Our major goal was to create a setting that embraces guests with a tranquil sense of nature by analyzing the relationship between landscape lighting, hidden light, and linear lighting.

The warm sunset light is also reflected in the warm lighting effect going  through leaves and reflecting off peaceful surfaces, creates the building’s blurred boundary between it and nature.

These analyses show that our design is one with the area’s qualities while making it more aesthetically pleasing. It is a haven of calm from everyday routine.

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