Fshati Gjelber

  • Investor: Private

  • Destination: Neighborhood

  • Surface: 37,832 m2

  • Location: Gjakovë, Kosova

  • Date: 08/06/2021

The houses designed for this neighborhood are treated with a contemporary style in which the volumes
are formed using durable as well as aesthetic materials.
Bricks in combination with different colors of
the facade, complement each other and give the neighborhood a unique character.
The neighborhood
is further completed and connected through the common service building.
This building provides the
neighborhood with the essential services: market, pharmacy, hairdresser, cafe/restaurants, as well as
day-care for children.
By providing the necessary amenities and services, the neighborhood becomes
an examplary contemporary neighborhood design to follow.
The treatment of greenery in the neighborhood is done through various colors where each expresses a special identity and gives life to the environment.

Everything can be treated in the best way to offer residents a quality life.