Francis House

  • Investor: Private

  • Destination: Interior & Exterior Design

  • Floors: P+1

  • Surface: 250 m²

  • Location: Pristina, Kosova

  • Date: 29/07/2020

This residential building’s biggest concern was its lack of identity.  

Its transformation began with the removal of some of the existing elements of the facade which left us with clean white cubic volumes to work on. By introducing a bright color we managed to draw more focus into the house. The use of orange emphasizes the top floor volume, separating its function from the ground floor.

We managed to create a sense of privacy without depriving the house of sunlight by covering the balcony with modular cubes, enabling light to pass through them. Additional wall plants created a sense of integration between nature and the object.

Contrary to its bold façade the interior has a minimalistic approach wanting the space to maintain its serenity.  Amongst its neutral choice of color and material, the use of stone is more of a statement.

The landscape of the house is designed to enhance the quality and experience of everyday living.  A practice which is predominantly noticed in the living room area, which overlooks the garden and doing so obtains a relationship with nature. Another qualitative feature is the placement of the pool, the length of which is appropriate for laps.