Europipe Showroom

  • Investor: Europipe

  • Destination: Warehouse

  • Floors: P+3

  • Surface: 3390 m²

  • Location: Cagllavice, Kosova

  • Date: 19/07/2022

Europipe Showroom & Warehouse started off with the idea of having a design that escapes the repetitive architecture of traditional warehouses and showrooms. These two are often seen as very distinctive functions and often placed apart from each other, each representing their respective use through their façade and architectural language.

Taking into account the environmental conditions in Kosovo and looking back at old factories, we came up with the distinctive silhouette of the entire building. Considering that a warehouse and showroom need minimal lighting, it was a given that we could use a ventilated façade that works towards a more comfortable working environment. By using two different colors on the façade to highlight but also separate the units horizontally, we also unify the two different functions into one.

The larger portion of the building belongs to the warehouse; therefore, we have rotated the administration unit to a 180* to give a unique identity to the silhouette.

Then, the interior of the building changes its character to a more fluid and serene setting representing water and nature in their most finesse ways.

The interior serves as a white canvas for the water-droplet-like columns, only to emphasize the circular staircase that is a sculpture in itself.

This focus on having nature and water in particular, as a focal point of our design comes directly as a response to the client’s main selling feature that has to do with water pipe installations.