Carnival Prishtina Mall

  • Investor: Carnival

  • Destination: Shops

  • Surface: 166 m2

  • Location: Prishtina Mall

  • Date: 09/03/2023

Carnivals are lively festivities that at first glance might look the same everywhere however, they differ based on the location they are held in. This concept of carnivals was inspirational to the design of the Carnival brand stores. It was important that our design maintains its identity as the brand expands in different locations. Although the identity of the constant movement and the different elements as in a carnival will remain the same, it is planned that the chain of stores will have its own unique choice of colors and identifying elements.

With every task undertaken, our office always aims to create an interior design that embodies the identity of what it represents and at the same time promotes the work of local artists using them as part of our designs.

The feeling of constant movement within the space is given by the hanging tassels handmade by local saddle maker originally from Gjakova, Fehmi Vejsa. All tassels are handmade and especially designed for our interior.

Other identifying elements are the two colorful rotating lamps placed in the middle of the room designed by the local stylist Krenare Rugova.

A variety of colors was used in order to guide the customer inside the store starting with the stained glass panels in the storefront, the same as happens in carnivals where different colors make the environment attractive.

Since Carnivals take place outdoors, a large part of our concept relied on bringing these external elements inside to resemble the feeling of being at a carnival. Gira-gira is a rotating platform located on the playground on which children sit and play. In our model, gira-giras were used as central elements on which the shoes could be exposed, while scaffolding was used as the cashier stand. Other pieces of furniture, shelves and mirrors, were created with thin stripes and wheels as supports to make them easily movable.

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