AVOCADO Grocery Market

  • Investor: Driloni Com

  • Destination: Market

  • Surface: 645.9 m²

  • Location: Pristina, Kosova

  • Date: 22/12/2020

The normal grocery-shopping routine is pretty hurried. Armed with your shopping list, you grab a shopping cart, and try to get in and out as quickly as possible, barely noticing the space around you.
A space like the one at Avocado Market, cannot go unnoticed.
Adding color to every space, this time our office reached this supermarket too, and changed the user’s experience. As an integrated part of the neighborhood, this supermarket invites you in with its bright colors: shades of green, yellow, and blue.
We framed the colors inspired by the Avocado itself, giving sensation and direction to ease the shopping experience. Freshness was represented with green, happiness with yellow and stability with blue.
One easily finds its way in Avocado, through fine lines and bright colors and the composed layout, which was designed with an emphasis on functionality. The interior was designed in accordance to the three identifying spaces: Avochill, Avocube and Avo-pick.
You can easily enjoy freshly baked pastries and grab a coffee at Avochill, and pick up your fresh fruits and vegetables at Avo-pick.
At Avocado, you won’t just go, get what you need and then go home, right?