AC 6

  • Investor: Art Construction

  • Destination: Residential

  • Floors: -2B+S+P+7

  • Surface: 6.338.2 m²

  • Location: Pristina, Kosova

  • Date: 21/04/2020

The striking nine-storey residencial and retail building occupies a site in between 3 streets and an existing building. It is located in Mati 1, a relatively new neighborhood in the city of Prishtina in the midst of a formal and material heterogeneity product of the changing urban regulation policy.
The project seeks a contextual quality from within and not only in relation to its insertion in the plot. The emphasis is placed on the design of the facade, which ensures a unique urban appearance that can be sustained over time.
The travertine stone usage as the main material and the extension of that on the public pavements activates the relationship between outer and inner space creating a monomaterial scene and together with the landscape greenery design give personality to the project keeping the atmosphere of the place to the maximum.
Knowing that every façade is important and the building is treated like a whole nothing here has been left by chance to be neglected as a detail of the building.
Facades as a whole have been articulated to harmonise with the modular facade elements which considerably improve the speed and safety of construction.
Façade columns and window headers create a structural grid that form shadows which add interest and depth to the façade.
The south façade not fronting the streets is peaceful and it has been placed at a distance from the existing block behind to create an outdoor green space making it ideal for families.
The entrance to the residences has been placed at south facade of the building, enhancing its monumental character in the front north façade for the retail stores.
Closer inspection reveals another change in scale: the concrete slabs are narrow and deeper near ground and 1st level and become wider as they ascend on the 2nd level and going up. As a result, the ground level retail stores are set back from the street by creating a path through the structure colonade for windowshopping and climate shelter from rain and sun.
The upper floors despite this flexible internal organization given on different levels the powerful image of the façade lends the building a sense of continuity and timelessness – and sustainability feelings. Conscious of the environment, each apartment has outdoor spaces (loggias) and moving up to the rooftop levels having big terraces facing the garden, or the city view, so that their inhabitants can live in a strong link with the exteriors. The structural decorative crown covers the rooftops and gives a feeling of privacy and security additionally giving a shadow effect to all that.