AC Head Office

  • Investor: Art Construction

  • Destination: Office

  • Floors: 2B+S+P+6K

  • Surface: 7799.83 m²

  • Location: Pristina, Kosova

  • Date: 29/06/2020

The lightweight administrative building, at the neighborhood Mati 1, will soon characterize Prishtina’s urban fabric as one of the most striking and unique solutions of its kind. The building has been designed and planned around its structural skeleton, made up of pillars and the core used to anchor the back. However, the most memorable feature of the building is its façade, the glass envelope and in particular the louvers that define the spaces and the perception from the outside. The wonder that comes with the louvers is the manual changing ability of the angle at which the louver sits, in turn, this creates a dynamism in terms of light and shadow on the inside as well as an ever-changing façade from the outside.

Furthermore, an additional feature that makes AC 7 stand apart is the way in which it is merged with the context, and particularly with the terrain. The first two floors are entirely open and organized in accordance with the changing and steep terrain, in doing so they have complete exposure to the outside and portray a good linking point between the building and its surrounding.

Its unique design and façade solution have not gone unnoticed, as it earned Maden Group the winner award at the Kosovo Architecture Biennale 2018 under the category “Future Projects’.